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Metlon Corp. Helps Manufacturers Light Up Their Garments

By Kathy Halper


March/April 2015

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Relecting Quality

Surely, no company shines as brightly as Metlon Corp. Their reflective materials help light the way for construction workers in dangerous environments, children getting off the bus after dark and so many more.

Metlon had been manufacturing metallic yarn in Cranston, RI, since 1947 when, in the early 1980s, a customer brought in a sample of 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material. The customer wondered if the company could make yarn out of the material. They were successful, creating Retroglo reflective yarn, a trademarked product of Metlon.

Now Retroglo is used in knitting, weaving and braiding. Metlon’s exposure to reflective has created new opportunities for slitting and laminating reflective materials onto ribbons and webbing.

Relecting Quality

Metlon continues to re-engineer its machine capabilities and its ability to build new machinery for its own use in contract slitting. According to Wayne Etchells, president of Metlon Corp., “Beyond taking orders for product, Metlon routinely works with clients on new product development or product selection for ANSI 107/207 compliance.” They will do anything to meet the very unique, specific and stringent needs of each customer.

As a result, Metlon has become a leader in the converting industry, serving the niche of those with the most unique demands and the most demanding requirements of narrow widths and extreme tolerances.

Metlon’s customers are primarily manufacturers of hi-visibility clothing, vests and accessories. But beyond those requiring ANSI 107/207-approved clothing and accessories, Metlon also provides reflective materials for occupational and industrial needs, consumer and corporate “uniform” and clothing manufacturers not required to meet the above standards.

Relecting Quality

Metlon also serves a wide variety of industries. In particular, the needs of those who have no slitting capabilities as well as those who need to supplement their existing capabilities. In addition, Metlon has the ability to work with research and design specialists and engineers who need to create prototypes.

Customers appreciate the consistency of quality products thanks to 3M’s continual independent, third-party tested and certified process. In contrast, many overseas products failed third-party testing.

A discussion of the intended application of the product and other important issues is a part of all customer service. Many customers rely on Metlon’s expertise when they’re not sure which product or application of reflective materials is best for them. Flame resistance, product longevity and washability can all be variables when deciding maximum effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

As Etchells points out, “Metlon saved a customer from paying 300 percent more than necessary by determining that the product they requested was over-specified for their application. They are now a very loyal customer.”

Metlon also prides itself on prompt product delivery. Because they stock most of the widely used products, from basic reflective used on throw-away vests to higher-end flame-resistant reflective used on firefighter turnout clothing, customers can expect their orders completed in the shortest time possible.

Best sellers include 8910 ANSI 107/207-compliant fabric-backed reflective, 8712 ANSI 107/207-compliant heat-applied transfer film and sewing versus heat-press applications.

Relecting QualityBut customers really appreciate Metlon’s ability to laminate reflective to various narrow fabrics that are either provided by the customer or supplied by the company. Many of those narrow fabrics are fluorescent, which enhances daytime visibility.

While located on the East Coast, Metlon’s customer base reaches wide. As the authorized distributor of 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material, they serve the Northeast, North Central territory and Puerto Rico. They also provide reflective material to customers nationally and internationally. Customer orders are placed through email, phone and fax machines.

As with many U.S. manufacturers, Metlon continually confronts the challenge of foreign competition. They understand that many products are less expensive overseas but champion their “Made in America” ANSI 107/207 and other reflective products. And returning customers share that the Metlon products they use offer greater reflectivity and longevity. All of this results in great customer loyalty.

For innovation, service and quality, it would seem that Metlon Corp. stands out, just like its many excellent products.

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